Wedding Ceremonies!


A white dove release for your wedding highlights all you stand for on your special day. Doves have long been the symbol for Love, Peace, and  Fidelity. There are many different release packages from which to choose, or you can design your own package, for indoor and outdoor weddings, and from the opulent to the intimate.

Imagine a flock of white doves  soaring to the sky as you walk from the church announcing to all the  world your new happiness!  Many couples choose to release a pair of doves either by hand or from a white wicker basket.  You may choose to combine a self-release together with a flock, or include the entire wedding party with a hand held release. 

Outdoor weddings provide many  special opportunities for a well-timed release. Envision having a flock released when you are pronounced Husband and Wife, or at the kiss, when  you exchange vows or rings, at any point that you wish to accent.


Two Dove Release
The Bride and Groom may choose to release two birds either by hand or from a white wicker basket. $200.00

Flock Release
A flock of birds may be  released when the Bride and Groom leave the church with all the wedding  guests waiting outside, or for an outdoor wedding, the birds may be released from baskets at a time of your choosing. $500.00

Two Doves plus Flock
Moments after the Bride and Groom release their birds, a flock will be released by the wedding party or from baskets. $ 500.00

Custom Package
Call for pricing your unique idea. Gracie 469-323-1291

Cage Rental
You may also chose to rent  our beautiful cage complete with a mated pair for your ceremony or  reception.  Time and weather permitting, the birds may be released from the cage for a perfect end to a special ceremony. $250.  (Delivery and Pick-up of cage inclu